Children of all ages Grow in Faith, Go in Grace, and Serve the Lord.

All children (ages 3 years through those who've completed 5th grade) are invited to join us for Vacation Bible Study!

Don’t miss Maker Fun Factory Vacation Bible School at FLW in partnership with Wildfire churches. Monday, July 24- Thursday, July 27: meal at 5pm, program 5:45-8pm. Find registration forms for this free community event online or at the sign-up table in the narthex.

Youth and adults are also invited to come help with the fun and activities! Find the volunteer application form here or at the sign-up table in the narthex.

See you there!



Children Grow in Faith

  • Worship at 8:15 or 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings as a family –Children of all ages enjoy the children’s message 
  • Sunday School classes (9:15 Sunday mornings school year);
  • Faith- Formation monthly classes (all youth);
  • Vacation Bible School (summer): songs, stories, crafts & games
  • Through prayer: Each child is paired with an All God’s Children prayer partner.
  • Musical and plays – acting and singing!

Children Serve the Lord

  • Children actively engage in inter-generational service projects of the congregation; 

Children Go in Grace!

  • Children go out into their communities and school strengthened and nurtured by the love and grace of God and encouraged by adult and youth leaders and mentors.


Youth are engaged and active, full participants in the whole life of the church at Faith-Lilac Way.

Youth Grow in Faith

  • At worship, youth regularly read lessons, usher, play instruments, sing and act in plays and musicals, acolyte, serve communion and serve as greeters;
  • In monthly Sunday Morning Faith-formation classes;
  • Wednesday night and Sunday morning Confirmation classes (See Confirmation)
  • WILDFIRE activities (a collaborative ministry of 8 Lutheran churches);
  • Through prayer – each youth is paired with a Cherish All Children prayer partner who prays for them.
  • Through Fun! (lock-ins, retreats, fun events and outings)

Youth Serve the Lord

  • Service projects throughout the year (Feed My Starving Children; 30 hour famine, leaf-raking, Second Harvest, Servant fairs)
  • Summer Mission Trip

Youth Go in Grace

  • Youth go out into their communities and school strengthened and nurtured by the love and grace of God and supported by the Faith-Lilac Way caring community.


In the Confirmation program, students work with the pastor and the intern pastor and Sr. high youth and adult mentors to Grow in Faith, Go in Grace and Serve the Lord.  

Grow in Faith

We have a three year program of study of: The Bible (both Old and New Testaments) and the Catechism and the church and the world around us taught by the pastor and/or the intern pastor. Senior High and Adult mentors also share their faith experiences. When they are confirmed, the Confirmands are able to write and share their own faith statement. 

Go in Grace

As in the wider Youth program, Confirmands take their learning out into community with them, sharing God’s grace through word and deed. 

Serve the Lord

Service is a key element of the Confirmation program. Confirmands learn about service first hand – both by serving and by being served.