Tuesday, May 19th

One of the important parts of my sabbatical is Dwelling in the Word. I will be Dwelling in the Road to Emmaus story, Luke 24:13-35

   Looking back. That's what I noticed today.  The disciples, Cleopas and the companion(read you, child of God), were trying to "figure it out."  They were in earnest discussion along the way.  But it was Jesus who came and supplied the "missing link."  It was Jesus who provided the meaning to what had seemed meaningless.  And then... then they were able to reflect and see all of the places where Jesus had been with them - on the way, in the Word and in the breaking of the bread. 

   Sometimes in the busyness of life, I'm so caught up in the present moment - and in anticipating what's next... that I don't take time to reflect on what has been and where Jesus has been walking with me.  So today... I will thank Jesus for walking with me ALONG THE WAY... even as I celebrate this day and look forward to the days to come.  

   Reflecting back, I give thanks for the faithfulness of the people of Faith-Lilac Way. The celebratory send-off was beautiful (and delicious).  I left with peace of mind - knowing that the people of FLW would be well cared for and would care for one another - and for the neighbor.  As I reflect, I see the faithfulness those who attend and the presence of God with them.

   At home I see this too. Last night, I was at Daniel's band concert. I give thanks for the many hours of preparation that the students and director put in - and the parents in patiently listening to squeaky notes!  The work - slow and tedious though it seems at the time - is necessary for the results.  And the result was glorious - and fun!

Prayer:  Jesus, we know that you are walking with us on the way.  Remind us to take the time to reflect on the ways that you have been present with us in the past, dwell in your Word and be aware of your presence in the present --whether we are seeking your comfort in times of challenge or basking in your blessings-- and strengthen us for the journey to come, knowing that you will be present with us then too!  In Jesus' name. Amen.