Sorry for the delay.  

Those were the words that came over the loudspeaker as we began our journey. And now, those are my words to you, dear reader. 

At the airport.. the next words silenced any murmurings about not leaving on time: there is a mechanic on board.  Yes. let's wait.  If the pilot doesn't think the plane is safe to fly.... and the mechanic is working on it... then I, for one was happy to wait. 

Those are my words for this blog too.  Sorry for the delay.  I had planned to write.... I had wanted to write... but the time in Germany was so full of experiencing that I did not get going on the journey of writing until now.  Why?  Maybe I was letting my desire for being "profound" or at least to write something meaningful rather than boring/banal/ predictable intimidated me.  

Maybe the reflections were not "ripe." For a while... I felt like a cup that was being filled up but not ready (for whatever reason/excuse). Such began the journey.

In the airport on that Friday night, I wrote... "Although I am wanting to get on the plane and start this adventure, I'm so glad that we don't have an "Event" or a deadline that we have to meet.  I see some with tight connections and schedules getting anxious and milling about... some pacing.... as if their energy expended could somehow move the mechanic along.  Yet most are content to let the mechanic do his job.  After all.... we do all want a safe journey.      

Our first "deadline" is two days from now....  I'm confident we will get to Germany by then!My writing.. however... took longer.  So... sorry for the delay.  As we boarded the plane, one of the stewardesses --are they still called stewardesses? Maybe not.  

One of the flight attendants stood with a welcome aboard and a bottle of water to soothe the boarding passengers. So I hope that my words will be like refreshing water to you.  

Today I woke up at 4:45 at Stalheim.  

The view is magnificent... reminiscent of the postcards that I have received all my life but so much better in person.  And I could not sleep. The words and reflections are tumbling out of me.... so... kind reader... let's begin!