flw_introFaith-Lilac Way Lutheran Church welcomes you to join us here on the web, and to join us in worship. We’re a congregation of the ELCA, located on Welcome Avenue in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

We like to live up to our address, so come and visit … and be Welcome.

January Mission of the Month: Loaves and Fishes

You know the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. People are still hungry – both for the Word of God and for food. We have been supporting Loaves & Fishes as a congregation through our benevolence dollars for the past 7 years. The mission of Loaves & Fishes partners closely with our mission to serve God’s people. The Mission of Loaves and Fishes is:

“To provide nutritious meals to people who are hungry in the Twin Cities metro area in an atmosphere of hospitality at site locations where the need is greatest and to develop joint ventures/partnerships with like-minded organizations assisting guests with additional basic needs key to becoming self-sufficient.”

Our “mission of the month” allows us to individually provide additional funds to help support one of the missions that the congregation supports. Together, our donations add up! If you would like to donate to this month’s Mission of the Month, please make your check out to FLW and put “Mission of the Month” or “Loaves & Fishes” on the envelope/memo line.

Nursery News: Come and Play!

Our nursery is being staffed on Sunday mornings by Janeen Burow and a volunteer (Adults, high school youth and confirmands are welcome!).

Have a little one? Be sure to check it out!

Interested in promoting children and families at church? Sign up to help on the sign-up sheet on the door of the nursery (main floor – down the hall from the bathrooms).

What’s Your Passion?

What do you enjoy doing? What would you love to learn? What sparks your interest? We will be exploring these questions – and more – as we celebrate and give thanks for the many skills, talents and opportunities that God has entrusted to us. Take a peek at the display case in the Narthex for a sampling of some people’s passions. Can you add to that list? We give special thanks to Carolyn Lageson and Grace Lawson for this artful display.