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Recent Sermons

About FLW


Grow in Faith

In Worship. All people are welcome to participate – and our liturgical worship is easy to follow. Liturgy literally means “the work of the people.” Our music includes old hymns and new compositions. 

In Study. All people are welcome to study the Word of God and the world around us – with us.

In Community. We are a Faith community seeking to share God’s Word and grow in faith together.

Go in Grace

Grace is found in our caring faith community.  We provide a casual and comfortable atmosphere. (Come as you are – no dress code here!) Whatever you wear and whoever you are - you’ll be welcome.   

Caring Community is found both within the congregation and in our care of and for the Community around us. As we Go out into the world, we seek to bring this care and grace with us.

Serve the Lord

We “Serve the Lord” by serving the neighbor. Opportunities for Service are plentiful – both inside and outside our doors.  We partner with other ministries in other places to find ways to serve Christ by serving our neighbor.

You are Welcome at Faith Lilac Way. We hope you join us for worship!